meeting at 5202 1st Street, Crosby, TX
phone: (832) 661-9693

What We Look Like

We want to be a church that is…

Seeking the Face of God

Our first and greatest desire is the living God in Christ. We seek to be open to His presence and work among us.

Welcoming and Friendly

We seek to welcome all ages and kinds of people just as Christ has welcomed us. This includes warmly greeting visitors and rejoicing at the presence of children in our worship services.


We seek to be genuine, unpretentious and humble. We embrace this earthly lifewith its relationships, work, play, parties, gardening, housekeeping, food, drink, created and redeemed by God in Christ.

Quiet and Unhurried

Life in our culture is too loud and moves too fast. We want to be a place where people can sit down and be quiet and be found by God.


We seek to be faithful to the Christian Tradition as it has been handed down to us.

  • We honor the Scriptures as the Word of God.
  • We confess the historic creeds of the Church.
  • We worship according to the same rich, simple, structured forms that have been followed from the earliest days of the Church.
  • We embrace the traditional Christian understanding of marriage and family.


We acknowledge as brothers and sisters all who share our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and we welcome them to his table. We rejoice at the work of God in other branches of Christ’s Church, and we seek to cooperate with them in extending the Kingdom of God.