meeting at 5202 1st Street, Crosby, TX
phone: (832) 661-9693

What We Do

We seek to Worship God, Grow in Christ, and Do Good to all people.

Worship God

Some of the ways that we worship God are through…

The weekly offering of the Holy Eucharist

The bringing of our tithes and offerings

Daily prayer said at the Church or in our homes

Living holy lives

Doing our best in all that we do, to the glory of God

Grow in Christ

Some of the ways we seek to grow in Christ are through…

The regular worship of God

Daily prayer

Bible study

Solitude and silence

Fellowship with the Church

Obeying the Lord’s commands

Serving in the Church and in the world

Do Good to All People

Some of the ways that we seek to do good to all people are through…

The Physical Works of Mercy The Spiritual Works of Mercy
1) Feeding the hungry 1) Converting the sinner
2) Giving drink to the thirsty 2) Instructing the ignorant
3) Clothing the naked 3) Counseling the doubtful
4) Welcoming the stranger 4) Comforting the sorrowful
5) Visiting the sick 5) Bearing wrongs patiently
6) Visiting prisoners 6) Forgiving injuries
7) Burying the dead 7) Praying for all people

We also support missions both in our area and around the world through ministries such as Churches United in Caring, The REC Board of Foreign Missions and The Anglican Relief & Development Fund.

Through these and other ways, we seek to do good to all people that they might come to know God and serve Him.