meeting at 5202 1st Street, Crosby, TX
phone: (832) 661-9693

What We Are

We are Christians, followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are a community of Christians – we seek to live in communion together. We help and care for each other. We each find our place of service in the Church.

We are a Eucharistic community. The center of our life is the worship of God in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, the service in which Jesus Christ is present with us and brings us to share in his life with the Father in the Holy Spirit.

We are Anglicans, heirs of the Christian Tradition – with its Scriptures, Creeds, Sacraments, Ministry, Liturgy, etc. – as it has been handed down through the ancient Church in England (which was once called Angle-land).

We are a Eucharistic Community in the Anglican Tradition.